Welcome to the World of Restoration. 

The insurance repair market in the U.S. is $210 billion strong.  There are over ten-thousand “restoration” contractors in the United States alone.  Each has its own unique approach to claims; each operates in a different region with varying weather and loss patterns.  There are multi-million dollar operations and mom & pop shops all vying for their own piece of the insurance pie.

And while each is different, they nearly all have one thing in common: the Water Technician.  The water tech is the front line of every restoration company.  Almost every restoration contractor you’ll encounter started out with one guy (or gal), in a van, sucking water out of someone’s basement in the middle of the night.

That’s how I got started.  Long before I learned what a “peril” was, or how to tell Berber from cut pile, I was learning how to carry air movers and cut straight lines in carpet.  I learned that there are those that are great under pressure, and those that need hugs (customers and fellow employees alike).  I learned that I really enjoyed helping people in need, and coming to the rescue.

Over the years, technology has changed a lot.  The pace of projects has changed too.  And one thing has stayed the same: everything starts with the Water Tech.

You.  It all starts with you.

Whether your employer knows it or not (and let’s hope they do), everything good that happens at your company (including profits) begins with whether or not you do your job right.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say the fact that they gave you this training means that your boss knows I’m right.  That’s why you’re reading this; so you can become the best water tech you can be, and fast.

Let’s get started, shall we?