Hi there,

What the two most important things we do as mitigation contractors; we document losses and we train employees.

Let me tell you a story.

Almost ten years ago I found myself as a general manager of a small franchise operator in Phoenix, Arizona. At the time Farmers’ Insurance had requirements in place where I had to upload almost complete mitigation estimates within twenty four hours of the loss response, and very quickly I found myself buried in work, because I wasn’t able to take the mitigation paperwork that I was getting from my technicians and generate an effective estimate.

So I found myself having to go out to every single loss so I could write up a sketch and probably document things and make sure the drawing system was set up properly. It was an [untenable] situation. I couldn’t continue. I had to come up with a system.

That’s where the Twenty Step Mitigation process and the Twenty Four Hour Tech were born. I came up with a system that I could hand to a brand new technician with zero water damage experience, walk him through it once, and then the next day get the proper documentation back so I could document my file and generate my Xactimate estimate.

Three years ago I started a consulting company called Claims Delegates. The mission of Claims Delegates was to help mitigation contractors do their jobs better and get up to speed in the restoration world as fast as possible.

So I brought my Twenty Step Mitigation program and the Twenty Four Hour Tech training program with me. My clients implemented both of these programs, saw their training times for brand new technicians go down and their profits actually go up. And at the same time, they were able to retain their water technicians longer.

How many times have you gone through the training with somebody, put em through WRT or maybe even ASD, put months and months of training into somebody only to have them leave and work for a competitor the next month? It’s completely frustrating. Why spend that much money on somebody when you don’t know if they’re going to work out?

The Twenty Four Hour Tech program allows you to shrink that training time and expense and investment, at the same time simplify the process so it might actually be enjoyable.

How many times have you had an adjustor call you up and say “mmm my calculations says that you only needed one dehumidifier there and you had two so I’m going to take one of those away”?

Well how many times were you able to pull out your dehumidifier calculation and show them that “no, according to these calculations the balance drawing system required two dehumidifiers”?

If you don’t have the right information at hand, you can’t make those arguments.

Now you have an opportunity to take advantage of the program [that] I’ve been giving to my clients for the last three years.

Twenty Four Hour Technician and the Twenty Step Mitigation Process. Dead simple processes that you can implement today and start getting results today. Everything from how many pictures to take, room notes so you know you can get as much money out of [Xactimate] as possible, dehumidifier calculations, and everything else.

My system came from a place of frustration and anger and desperation. Well you don’t have to go through that same anger and desperation process as I did. Get the Twenty Four Hour Tech.

As a bonus, you’re going to be able to get in to the exclusive Facebook groups and Google+ groups. Get in with other peers across the nation, so you guys can get to know each other and solve your problems together.

Also, once a month, we’re going to have an exclusive webinar where I’ll go on a deep dive into the problems that we all deal with on a daily basis and help our community grow and learn from each other.

I hope you really enjoy the Twenty Four Hour Tech and I’m here to answer any questions.

I’m Andy McCabe, thanks a lot.